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It has been forever since I posted about anything personal, mostly because I have been swamped with work. I am going to try to get better about it, promise! So what better place to start than my little monkey’s first birthday? Oli actually had 2 birthday parties this year. If you know me, you know that this is not uncommon at all, birthdays are a pretty big deal in our home. His first party was for him and his little friend, Adelai. You may remember that they were born on the same day and are pretty good buddies. Here is a little mini-session I did with the two of them when they were much smaller. Heather and I put a lot of work into this party and we had another photographer shoot the party. We should have those images back any time now and I will get them posted.

Oli’s second party was a really just a small get together for immediately family  to celebrate. My grandmother had already bought Oliver a little Thomas the Train and he LOVES it, so we decided to gear the party around that. It was an awesome weekend celebrating our little man, the only downside was that unfortunately he was feeling pretty under the weather for both parties. He was not his outgoing self that he usually is, but I think he had a lot of fun anyway.

We love you little man! We are more thankful for you than you can ever know. I have smiled more this first year of your life than I have in all my previous 28 years combined. The Lord has used you to bring so much joy to mine and your daddy’s life.

When Oli woke from his afternoon nap, everyone was waiting for him to make his grand entrance, which he did of course on Thomas the Train. As you can see, he was pretty surprised to see everyone there. 🙂

This next moment was the most memorable part of Oliver’s birthday. I got him off Thomas and he just stood there and started walking toward me! He had never taken a step before this and had barley stood on his own. I think he was so overwhelmed by the people that he just started walking without even noticing. Within a week he was doing circles around our house. I love that I got this on camera!

A little unsure about the cake at first, but it didn’t take him long to discover how yummy it was!

I love this sweet smile.

Saying, ‘all done’!

A couple of months ago, Oli and i got together with my friend Heather and more importantly (for Oli) her daughter, my little guy’s main squeeze… Adelai. I have been waiting for the right time to share these photos and I think Valentines Day is perfect!

I know I have mentioned Adelai and Oliver’s special relationship before but in case you didn’t know, Oliver and Adelai were born on the same day- 8-10-11. Not only that but their mommies had the same due date of 8-4-11, are both photographers and go to the same church. So Oli and Adelai get to see A LOT of one another and we don’t think they mind it one bit. It has been so great seeing their little baby personalities come out… Oli is the laid-back pensive type, always observing his surroundings, but he does NOT mind letting you know how he feels at all times (with pterodactyl-like squeals). Adelai on the other hand is the soft spoken, toe pointing, always on the go busy little bee. If opposites really do attract, these 2 might actually fulfill their parent’s dreams and end up together.

I can’t get over how precious our two little monkeys look in their cloth diapers. Oliver is on the right and Adelai is on the left in the next image. Heather and I both shot these photos. Make sure to check her out at Heather Fink Photography.

a little behind the scenes action.

This post is coming a little late seeing that Halloween was a couple of weeks ago… When I’m busy with back to back sessions and editing, I don’t get much time to work on images from my own life and it seems that things have been that way since Oliver was born. Hence, the 5 pictures in his album on facebook. So last night I took the time to prepare these adorable images from Halloween week for the blog and I LOVE how they turned out!

*Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see Oli’s Halloween costume.

It was my friend Heather’s idea to carve the pumpkin and put the babies inside. Oliver’s little friends Adelai and Haddon got inside the pumpkin for pictures as well, check out Heather’s blog for those shots. Because there was so much to take in, and because Oli had never been inside a pumpkin before, he just wouldn’t give us a good smile no matter how ridiculous my sister would act. He just sat back and observed the the world around him, but I love all his little expressions anyway:).

Here is our little golfer man on Halloween. I just might turn out to be one of those moms who does the handmade Halloween costume with clothes from home. I tried ordering a Scarecrow costume in an infant size but when we received it, it was literally big enough for a four year old, so I had to wing it… and I’m pretty happy about how it turned out.

Words can’t express how much Matt and I love this little guy. He is such a joy to us and we love acting completely crazy just to hear his sweet laugh. Hopefully as the season calms down, I’ll be share more pics of our little cutie!

It’s been a little less than a month since I last posted… I hope to normally never have such a gap in my blogging but this time I think we have an excuse and his name is Oliver. That’s right, he FINALLY decided to make his appearance on Wed. Aug. 10th (making his birthday 8-10-11, kinda cool!). After a long, hard labor (that story will hopefully come later) he arrived at 11:36 pm and weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19″ long. We were so surprised to see that he came out with his daddy’s red hair & fair skin. I say we were surprised b/c we were sure he’d end up the darker more dominate features that every other family member seems to have. But he is his daddy’s boy, even in looks and I love it:) The red hair and fair skin is one of the reasons we decided on Oliver, doesn’t Oliver Tucker just sound so Irish? We’ve loved that name for a long time, it reminds me of the hundreds of rows of olive trees i lived around in South Lebanon and well as Psalm 128 where it talks about your children being Olive Shoots around your table. The name Edward is after my dad, it is his middle name as well, so that’s pretty special too.

Since his birth 3 weeks ago, we have just fallen in love with this little boy. It is amazing to me how I feel that i know him so well and I can’t even have a conversation with him. The times where only his mama can console him are just so special to me. But I also love to see Matt with him. Until Oliver was born, Matt had never changed one diaper and didn’t have much experience with kids at all. It just blesses me to look over and see him reading Babywise or taking care of our son like a pro. He is the best dad already and I love him even more for it.

I will share some of the images I shot while we were at the hospital when i get a chance to upload them, but for now here is a video we put together of Oli’s first week in the world. Oliver also had his first photoshoot when he was just a week old. To see those image click here. Jenna with Red White and Green Photography is the best!


I also go back to work this past weekend by shooting some portraits of a precious little girl named Harper. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of that session coming up maybe even this afternoon…

I’m now officially 4 days overdue. It is crazy how about a week before the due date time slows down quite a bit, then stops on the due date and at this point I’m convinced we are going backwards. I am trying to maintain a balance of continuing to be physically active and resting/relaxing but I’m not sure there is anything left to clean in my house! Because we have a natural birth plan, the plan is to go to 42 weeks before an induction. We’re praying that I’ll labor naturally before this- please pray with us! So until our little guy comes along, here are some pics of his little room. The shot on the left what we affectionately call Palmer puppy (Palmer is our dog’s name), and we think this guy looks like our real Palmer and adds a quirky element the room.



So when it came to a theme we really didn’t want to go with anything specific. I want the room to be easily transition-able to a girls room if we have a girl after this one… I found the art over the crib here and i loved the earthy feel, so that is the direction we went in. B/c we love to travel, particularly overseas, I thought a loose world theme would be appropriate. We have some random animals throughout the room that you’d find in many different parts of the world, including our Palmer puppy and the camel pillow on the glider… Ok, I’ll stop explaining and let you see for yourself:).


The bookshelves on the left are actually rain gutters made by my oh so talented husband & the toy box below was mine when i was a little girl.

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