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I can’t believe I am blogging on a Monday morning! This is serious commitment to getting back to blogging this month. I rarely shoot seniors as weddings are my main thing, but when I get the opportunity I absolutely love it! It is like shooting models which is always fun. Taylor was no exception last year and looked beautiful in front of  my camera. I’m excited to share this session this week since I get to head back to this area to photograph another senior tomorrow.


Charlotte Senior Photographer | Davidson Senior Portrait Session | Photgraphy By Angela Tucker | Taylor 0822

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DSC_7929Photographing Jackie’s Senior Portraits was pretty much like doing a modeling session. She girl is a NATURAL in front of the camera and that combined with her amazing style and gorgeousness (is that a word?), this shoot was a dream for me. Really made me think I would like to photograph Seniors more often, so if you know any be sure to send them my way! I had a really hard time narrowing down these images which is why I am showing over 30! Jackie, you really were a joy to get to know and you have a bright future ahead. Good luck at Liberty and please stay in touch!

Enjoy this gorgeous girl. 🙂

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Jun 03, 2011
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Happy Friday:) yay for Friday! boo for this heat:( yay for husbands coming home! Ok, so that was a personal one. My husband has been out the country for the past week and my preggo emotional self did not enjoy it one bit. But he is home now and all is good again. Nothing like feeling like half yourself for a week to make you appricate your husband SO MUCH.

So in honor of high school graduations these past few and next few weeks, i am posting my first senior session on the blog! These two gorgeous ladies are known as “The Laur/y/i/n’s”. They are bff’s and both named Laurin or Lauryn:) They are both so kind and unique in their own way but get along so well. I just love bff’s.


Be on the lookout for an engagement sneak peek and some pics of the nursery!

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