JJ-Engaged- Color0063I met Jason and Jenna at the Christmas party of some friends from Matt’s work. The last thing I was thinking going into that party was wedding photography, in fact I had just wrapped my 2014 wedding edits and had started my 8 week winter break. But when I met Jenna and Jason there was an instant connection. I soon learned that they were engaged and they that I was a wedding photographer. We would chat about their wedding and then I would say that I did not want to talk business stuff all night, but before we knew it we were back on the wedding train. I just can’t help it, weddings are in my bones and Jason and Jenna are the perfect couple.

Fast forward a few months and I was finally getting the opportunity to get these two in front of my camera. We booked right around the time when the peach orchards would be in bloom so we thought we’d take advantage of this beautiful location. Oh-my-goodness I cannot tell you how much I love these images. May even be my favorite engagement session to date.

Jason and Jenna, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in October!  JJ-Engaged- Color0005 JJ-Engaged- B&W0006 JJ-Engaged- Color0008 JJ-Engaged- B&W0011 JJ-Engaged- Color0022 JJ-Engaged- B&W0017 Untitled-5 JJ-Engaged- B&W0039 JJ-Engaged- Color0049 Untitled-4 Untitled-3 JJ-Engaged- B&W0077JJ-Engaged- Color0082 JJ-Engaged- Color0087Oh, and Jenna looks like an Anthro model. Untitled-2 JJ-Engaged- Color0099 JJ-Engaged- Color0105 JJ-Engaged- Color0108 JJ-Engaged- Color0117 JJ-Engaged- B&W0120 Untitled-1 JJ-Engaged- B&W0142 JJ-Engaged- Color0141

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