DSC_7701_1-with ScriptIf you know me at all you know that my sister and I are besties. BFF’s. forever and ever. Really, we are so close that we talk on the phone at least 27 times per day. My sweet Canaan even said to me the other day… “why you and auntie talking AGAAIINNN?” He’s two by the way.

So when my sweet nephew Phin arrived a week early, of course I hurried to the hospital to be right by Amy’s side. This labor was much MUCH less difficult than her labor with Emerson, but it definitely still had it’s moments. And of course I took pictures. A lot of them. They are below in this sweet little video I created this afternoon. We praise God for baby Phin as my boys call him, and I am so thankful to have been apart of his birth. Enjoy!

(If you are viewing this on a iMac or another large screen computer, this video may be distorted a little in full screen mode.)

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