Untitled-2I can’t beleive it has been over 2 years since I shot Liam’s newborn portraits and now I get to share his baby sister, Cora! My repeat clients make me feel like life is going by so quickly, didn’t I just see these two for maternity portraits just a week or so ago…??? Katie and Michael are such a great parents and it is always a joy to be in their home. Liam was amazing with his baby sister, especially since he’s TWO and that gives him every excuse not to cooperate at all. What a big boy he was! And little Miss Cora… she was a angel. I don’t think I heard a peep out of her until the last ten minutes of our time together. What a sweet little beauty she is, I just love every image in this session. Enjoy.

Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0001 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0008 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0011 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0009 Untitled-4 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0017 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0027 Untitled-3 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0044 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0049 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0054 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0057 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0055 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0067 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0075 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0088 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0089 Untitled-1

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