The last time I saw Liam was at his newborn session and he was a tiny little guy. Now he has just turned 2 and has a little sister on the way! Katie and I decided to do a combo baby bump and mommy & me session since daddy couldn’t make it for this one. Something about this session just captures me. Maybe it’s because I am 37 weeks pregnant with a 3rd little boy of my own, and so interactions between a mommy and her little boy makes me weak in the knees. Liam went 100 mph the whole time and I’m pretty sure he said ‘choo choo’ for 45 minutes strait,  yet Katie was able to have these special moments with him. I am so happy I got to capture them, because I know from experience that these moments are what get you through when you are completely exhausted from chasing a toddler and tending to a newborn.

I love this first image because it reminds me of one of those Pinterest images that I often get requested to shoot. We work so hard to get the shot with no luck because you can’t really force a two year old to do anything. But this image happened completely naturally and that is really what makes it so special.

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