As I mentioned in Part I, Annette and Keith are a complete joy to be around, so this made their reception a blast! It was such a blessing to see their families merge in such a loving way and celebrate the two of them together. After the reception, Annette & Keith headed off to Tuck & Caicos, the same place Matt and I went on our honeymoon. This was one of the many bonds we shared throughout the weekend and I am so happy to have been apart of such a wonderful time in their lives. Congrats, you two!Favorites0044Favorites0039 Favorites0041 Untitled-15 Favorites0046 Favorites0050 Untitled-17 Untitled-18 Favorites0052 Favorites0047 Untitled-21 Favorites0053 Untitled-19 Untitled-16 Untitled-14 Favorites0059 Favorites0060 Untitled-20 Favorites0061 Favorites0062Untitled-13

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