Mar 10, 2013
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What a day! Whew…. I was at a very encouraging women’s conference this morning. Then headed out for an engagement session with a beautiful couple and PERFECT weather this afternoon. And on my way home… BAM. I get rear-ended. Almost enough to ruin what would have otherwise been an amazing day. Except it didn’t. Because I still had this announcement to look forward to…

I have been so excited about this contest, almost as if I was the one winning something. It must be because of the wonderful encouraging comments and shares. Seriously you guys are awesome, and I am so incredibly thankful for each kind word.

So without further adieu…..


The winner of 50% off a Full Session is Curt Hamilton!

The winner of 50% off a Mini Session is Erin McGinn!


I had so much fun with this contest that I plan to do more this year, so if you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! Thanks again to everyone who put the word out on my new site. I am truly blessed!

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