It has been forever since I posted about anything personal, mostly because I have been swamped with work. I am going to try to get better about it, promise! So what better place to start than my little monkey’s first birthday? Oli actually had 2 birthday parties this year. If you know me, you know that this is not uncommon at all, birthdays are a pretty big deal in our home. His first party was for him and his little friend, Adelai. You may remember that they were born on the same day and are pretty good buddies. Here is a little mini-session I did with the two of them when they were much smaller. Heather and I put a lot of work into this party and we had another photographer shoot the party. We should have those images back any time now and I will get them posted.

Oli’s second party was a really just a small get together for immediately family  to celebrate. My grandmother had already bought Oliver a little Thomas the Train and he LOVES it, so we decided to gear the party around that. It was an awesome weekend celebrating our little man, the only downside was that unfortunately he was feeling pretty under the weather for both parties. He was not his outgoing self that he usually is, but I think he had a lot of fun anyway.

We love you little man! We are more thankful for you than you can ever know. I have smiled more this first year of your life than I have in all my previous 28 years combined. The Lord has used you to bring so much joy to mine and your daddy’s life.

When Oli woke from his afternoon nap, everyone was waiting for him to make his grand entrance, which he did of course on Thomas the Train. As you can see, he was pretty surprised to see everyone there. 🙂

This next moment was the most memorable part of Oliver’s birthday. I got him off Thomas and he just stood there and started walking toward me! He had never taken a step before this and had barley stood on his own. I think he was so overwhelmed by the people that he just started walking without even noticing. Within a week he was doing circles around our house. I love that I got this on camera!

A little unsure about the cake at first, but it didn’t take him long to discover how yummy it was!

I love this sweet smile.

Saying, ‘all done’!

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