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On Thanksgiving Day 2010, we announced to our family that what we were thankful for was the baby in my belly. That’s the day I found out I was preggo and here is the development of the belly since then:


-32 Weeks-

This is one of our maternity photos taken by the amazing Rachel at Millie Holloman Photography.


The question I get all the time is, ‘how has your pregnancy been?’. And understandably so as I am really bumping these days. I’ll be 34 weeks this Thursday, and it seems that time is going by faster and faster. I thought it’d be nice if i did a pregnancy post so everyone out there knows how i am doing and so i can remember this time for myself b/c from what i hear i will forget most of this when the sleepless nights set in. So here we go:

First Trimester- Yikes…. Like most, i was sick the majority of my first 15 weeks. I ate yogurt all the time b/c it was cold and sour and seemed to make the nausea subside for at least a bit. I always say that if i have things my way the 2nd time around (2nd baby), I’d prefer to go through first trimester in the warmer months. The combination of the freezing, gloomy days and the sickness was not good for me. But things went by fast; and towards the end of the sickness, I was starting to feel those little baby thumps which helped put things into perspective.

2nd Trimester- This was a dream besides a few minor issues. It seemed that i regained my energy within a week, and i was busy painting the baby’s room and getting prepared. We found out we were having¬† BOY. The radiologist said baby’s hands were placed on it’s private parts which is always a sign of the gender. That was a fun way to find out. A couple weeks after I entered into 2nd trimester, i was having the worst heartburn of my entire life. I mean, this was more than a burn, it was more like HOT LAVA pouring through my chest. I was getting to the point where it was preventing me from eating so my midwife decided to help me out with a prescription that has since saved my life.

3rd Trimester- At this point I was beginning to feel our little guy move all the time, which i love. Matt loves it too. I had my gestational diabetes test and thought it would be no big deal until i failed. And then i failed the 2nd more intensive test. It took me a while to even believe i had gestational diabetes, and i was struggling with thoughts that i did something wrong in my pregnancy/diet to make it happen. But i slowly started believing all the nurses who told me that this had nothing to do with my actions, more how my body responds to pregnancy. I now take my blood sugar 4 times a day and it is surprisingly not too bad. I don’t mind the whole finger-pricking thing, and my sugars are normal 99% of the time. This has made me more aware of what I am eating which can only be good for my body and the baby. Thankfully, my OB office does not induce at 40 weeks b/c of gestational diabetes unless the patient is on insulin, which i am not, so that was a huge sigh of relief. Matt and I are now in a 5-week natural childbirth class, and we love it! It has been so fun preparing for childbirth together and being around other couples that are due the same time as us. One of our homework assignments is for Matt to give me massages a couple times every week, and I don’t mind that at all.

We are mostly prepared for this baby to arrive. More emotionally than physically since I still have 2 more showers coming up and haven’t gotten all the necessities just yet. But we are SO excited about meeting our little boy. As far as a name, we have decided not to decide on a name until he is born. Not confusing at all. We do have names narrowed down, but we want to meet him first before we make the final decision.

Jun 03, 2011
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Happy Friday:) yay for Friday! boo for this heat:( yay for husbands coming home! Ok, so that was a personal one. My husband has been out the country for the past week and my preggo emotional self did not enjoy it one bit. But he is home now and all is good again. Nothing like feeling like half yourself for a week to make you appricate your husband SO MUCH.

So in honor of high school graduations these past few and next few weeks, i am posting my first senior session on the blog! These two gorgeous ladies are known as “The Laur/y/i/n’s”. They are bff’s and both named Laurin or Lauryn:) They are both so kind and unique in their own way but get along so well. I just love bff’s.


Be on the lookout for an engagement sneak peek and some pics of the nursery!

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