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2017…whew, what I year! I was just telling a friend yesterday that I think I might be traveled out for a while. That is HUGE coming from me who LOVES traveling, has lived in 4 different countries, and visited to countless places. This year was definitely the year of travel for us as we got to go near and far to photograph some incredible weddings. From Texas to ITALY, from Charlottesville to Charleston, from Asheville to Charlotte, we have loved every minute of it. Well, except the minutes I was missing my babies which is why this winter will be a nice break free of travel.

Nonetheless, it has been an amazing year and I am so thankful.

I have wanted to do a “Best Of” post every year but somehow have never managed to get around to it. I am so excited to finally post one and after looking at all these images, it really does make me feel so proud to see all of the beauty we have captured. A HUGE thank you to my assistant and awesome second shooter (who I affectionately call my ‘right hand’), Makenzie who has put in just as much work if not more than me to make this year successful.

I challenged myself to pick only ONE image from every shoot we did which was extremely difficult, but I love having a little snippet of the year at a glance. We did almost 50 shoots this year and for this mom of 4 boys, who is running a business, homeschooling 1 boy 2-days per week, has 2 in pre-school, and 1 under the age of a year, that is A LOT. I am so thankful to have gotten all this accomplished and delivered some gorgeous sessions to my amazing clients.

Thank you all for trusting us to capture some of your most precious memories year. I am excited to see what 2018 holds.


DSC_7701_1-with ScriptIf you know me at all you know that my sister and I are besties. BFF’s. forever and ever. Really, we are so close that we talk on the phone at least 27 times per day. My sweet Canaan even said to me the other day… “why you and auntie talking AGAAIINNN?” He’s two by the way.

So when my sweet nephew Phin arrived a week early, of course I hurried to the hospital to be right by Amy’s side. This labor was much MUCH less difficult than her labor with Emerson, but it definitely still had it’s moments. And of course I took pictures. A lot of them. They are below in this sweet little video I created this afternoon. We praise God for baby Phin as my boys call him, and I am so thankful to have been apart of his birth. Enjoy!

(If you are viewing this on a iMac or another large screen computer, this video may be distorted a little in full screen mode.)

Enjoy some of my favorites from the adorable Bryant family. I have been photographing Logan since he was in his mama’s belly and he gets cuter every time I see him!

Check some of their other sessions out here, and here. Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0001 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0002 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0003 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0004 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0005 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0006 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0007 Charlotte Family Photography | Images | Bryant Family0008

Caroline was so sweet and timid during her one year session a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much exactly how she was at her Newborn Session. At this age, sometimes I get lots of smiles and other times I get lots of discovering… The outdoors, my camera, everything was interesting to this sweet girl. Smiles or not though, Caroline is adorable and it shows in these images. You can also tell how smitten her mom and dad are over her, which I love. Sarah and Josh, I hope cherish these images for years to come.


Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0001 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0002 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0003 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0004 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0005 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0006 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0007 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0008 Charlotte Baby Photography | Image | Caroline | 0009

Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0001

I love one year sessions. Especially when I have been able to photograph the Newborn Session and 6 Month Session. It is amazing how a baby changes over the course of just 1 year! Shep was a ham for his one year session and gave us lots of cute, happy faces. He was just days away from walking which worked out perfectly when I needed him to stay in one place. This guy is so adorable and I know he and his parents will make you smile.


Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0002Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0003Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0004Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0005Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0006Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0007Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0008Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0009Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0010Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0011Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0012Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0013Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0014Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0015Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0016Charlotte Family Photography | Shep | Image |0017

Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0001

I love fall for so many reasons. One reason is, fall is the time of year that I reconnect with my most loyal clients for family photos. This season I have been absolutely swamped with family sessions many of these have been my repeat clients like the Fisher family. I have photographed these guys more times than I can count, and they have truly become friends. Both Maddex and Stella have grown a mile since I saw them a few months ago and we had a great time at their Pumpkin Patch session. Enjoy!

Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0002 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0003 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0004 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0005 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0006 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0007 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0008 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0009 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0010 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0011 Charlotte Family Photograhy | Images0012


Charlotte Family Photography | Image0001

It seems like yesterday that I shot Jessica and Mitch’s wedding and now their sweet Everly is in full on baby stage! She did great in her newborn session and so I fully expected some serious cuteness at this session and she did not disappoint. 🙂

 Enjoy this sweet family.

Charlotte Family Photography | Image0002 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0003 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0004 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0005 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0006 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0007 Charlotte Family Photography | Image0008

Sweet baby Andrew was a perfect angel for his newborn session a couple of weeks ago, as was his super-excited Big Brother Ben. I had a wonderful time getting to know the Sherck family and it was a joy to capture such and important time in their lives. I love so many of these shots, especially the ones of the whole family. It is just so clear how much they love each other.


Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0001Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0002Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0003Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0004Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0005Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0006Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0007Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0008Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0009Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0010Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0011Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0012Charlotte Newborn Photography | Image | 0013

Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0001One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is that I am usually able to follow my couples well into the days when their family grows from 2 to 3, to 4 to 5…. This just recently happened for Jessica & Mitch as they have just welcomed their sweet baby, Everly into the world. Everly was a perfect angel for our shoot as I hope she continues to be for Jess & Mitch, hehe. Enjoy these portraits of some of my favorite people. Congrats, Hight family!

Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0002 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0003 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0004 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0005 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0006 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0007 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0008 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0009 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0010 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0011 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0012 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0013 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0014 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0015 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0016 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0017 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0018 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0019 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0020 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0021 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0022 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0023 Charlotte Newborn Photography - image - 0024

I have loved watching the Fisher family grow in the past 2 years. I think I have photographed each of their milestones since their son Maddex was born. I recently got the opportunity to meet their newest little one, Stella and take some newborn portraits. We got some sweet shots with a special gift that Stella’s grandpa gives to little girls in the family, a Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll. I have so many great memories with these dolls as a child and it was fun to see them again. Stella’s big brother Maddex did amazing during the family shots and gave me his adorable smile anytime I asked. I really like shooting these in-home sessions, they are just so intimate and personal and this one was no exception. Enjoy this sweet family.

Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0001Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0002Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0003Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0004Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0005Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0006Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0007Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0008Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0009Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0010Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0011Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0012Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0013Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0014Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0015Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0016Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0017

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