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You may have noticed the new look and feel as you have made your way around the website. That’s right, we have re-branded! I am so thrilled with my new brand, the logo, colors and everything that goes along with it. It definitely fits the style of my photography and the experience you receive with Photography by Angela Tucker. Love love love it!

And so in celebration I am giving away a FREE mini-session. This contest is going on on Instagram so head on over to @photographybyangelatucker and find out the details on how to enter. There also an Instragram link on the bottom of the homepage.

I’d love to hear what you think!

Contest Promo

2014 was a great year for Photography by Angela Tucker. I am just so thankful. For the past few years I have only taken 8-10 weddings per year so I that I can keep a good balance of wedding and portrait work, as well as make sure my home life is well taken care of. But something happened to me in 2014. I fell in love with wedding work all over again. My couples were just so wonderful to work with and their weddings were just so fabulous that I could not picture myself only shooting 8-10 weddings this year. So in 2015 I am capping off at 15 weddings. This is going to mean some changes in my portrait work in terms of cutting back, but I am so thrilled to take on a few more couples and amazing weddings this year. If you are interested in booking for 2015, there are only 4 spots left so get in touch with me!

Some of my favorite things that happened this year business-wise:

  • Mine and Matt’s goal setting date last January at Village Tavern. (I am so happy to say many of the goals we set were accomplished) Now, I must plan one of these dates for this year.
  • First print publication in Charlotte Wedding Magazine and 2 more features in Carolina Bride. Thanks to these wonderful publications for sharing the stories of my awesome couples!
  • The Trevor Daley Workshop. Man, this workshop gave me a boost going in to 2014. I really credit many of the goals I set to this workshop, and after attending my workflow got so much faster. Thanks Trevor!
  • The birth of Knox Ezekiel. Ok, I know this is not business related but how could this not be on my list of top things that happened? He is just the best.
  • The McClungs family shoot in memory of Ezekiel. This is a personal and business one but 2014 for will forever be impacted our sweet Zeke. Click on the link to read more.
  • The most awesome clients in the world. No really, they are the best. I have so many repeat portrait clients that I LOVE and have gotten to see grow, change, add babies, move homes, etc… And as I said, my wedding couples have given me a new love for weddings. A sincere thank you to each of you who entrusted me with your most treasured memories this year. I love you all.

Year in Review Collage

I have been way behind on blogging as I wrapped up all my 2014 edits but that changes today. Stay tuned for lots of new blog posts coming your way and also some new things happening in 2015!

Mar 10, 2013
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What a day! Whew…. I was at a very encouraging women’s conference this morning. Then headed out for an engagement session with a beautiful couple and PERFECT weather this afternoon. And on my way home… BAM. I get rear-ended. Almost enough to ruin what would have otherwise been an amazing day. Except it didn’t. Because I still had this announcement to look forward to…

I have been so excited about this contest, almost as if I was the one winning something. It must be because of the wonderful encouraging comments and shares. Seriously you guys are awesome, and I am so incredibly thankful for each kind word.

So without further adieu…..


The winner of 50% off a Full Session is Curt Hamilton!

The winner of 50% off a Mini Session is Erin McGinn!


I had so much fun with this contest that I plan to do more this year, so if you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! Thanks again to everyone who put the word out on my new site. I am truly blessed!

Mar 06, 2013
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About a month or so ago, Matt and I went on a special date night to discuss 1 thing. My business. I have been feeling for a while now that the time has come for me to take the next step and streamline some things in order to really focus on where I want to go. We spent time talking about risks, goals, and the steps I must take to achieve these goals. God’s grace has been with me every step on the way from the time that this business began, and it has been so exciting for me to see much of these goals come into fruition already. I will share more as things happen publicly but for now,  I am so excited to announce that one of my biggest goals, a website and brand upgrade, is complete and I am thrilled to show it off. Please click on the HOME tab and make your way around the new angela-tucker[dot]com and get to know our new home.

Because I am so happy about meeting this goal, I am doing my first ever giveaway! 1 person has a chance to win 50% off a Full session and 1 person has a chance to win 50% off a Mini-session, both redeemable anytime in 2013.

Here’s how it works- 1) Comment on this post and let me know what you think of the new site. 2) Share the new site on your Facebook page and let your friends know what you think. That’s it!

You can enter up to 5 times which means you would need to post 5 comments/shares. Contest ends 9pm Saturday night and I will announce the winner then. The winner will be chosen randomly  through random[dot]com.

And because every post needs a picture, here are my two guys just shy of 4 months and 19th months. It took everything I had to get this shot of Oliver as he is a busy little bee these days, and Canaan is by far the happiest baby I have ever met.


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