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Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0032

And the fairytale wedding continues… Click to see Part I here. I had such a great time shooting Megan’s bridesmaids with their pretty puffy dresses and of course it is always wonderful to have ample time to shoot the bride and groom. And then there were the details- soft pinks and creams, the perfect combination of burlap and lace. There were SO many and all so so pretty. I’ll let you see for yourself.

Congrats to a beautiful couple!

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0033 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0034 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0035 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0036 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0037 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0038 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0039 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0040 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0041 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0042 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0043 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0044 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0045 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0046 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0047 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0048 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0049 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0050 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0051 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0052 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0053 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0054 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0055 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0056

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0002

Megan and Steven are just adorable. Their magical Saratoga Springs wedding was incredibly beautiful and such a good time. And when I say magical, I’m talking soft blush pinks, lavenders, tulle and a horse and carriage. As I was getting to know her family, Megan’s mom told me that this was Megan’s dream wedding. It really was the kind of wedding that every little girl dreams about. I am so happy to have been apart of this dream come true for both Megan and Steven. These two elected to do a first look and it was such a sweet moment to photograph from afar. Such and intimate moment between bride and groom. The first look also allow us ample time for portraits of Megan and Steven together so stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Congrats you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your most special day.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0001 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0003 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0004 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0005 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0006 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0007 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0008 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0009 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0010 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0011 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0012 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0013 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0014 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0015 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0016 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0017 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0018 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0019 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0020 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0021 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0022 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0023 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0024 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0025 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0026 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0027 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0028 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0029 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0030 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography0031


I get the opportunity to photograph some of the most adorable babies in the world! You may remember Shep’s Newborn Session. Well it has already been half a year and Shep is 6 months old! He is still wowing the camera and being a complete stud. Devon and Jonathan are such great parents and just had a good time with their little guy during our session. And Shep was SO smiley the whole time. It was pretty perfect.

Enjoy this cute family!

Shep-6-months--Color0007 Shep-6-months--Color0001 Untitled-6 Shep-6-months--B&W0017 Untitled-5 Shep-6-months--B&W0023 Shep-6-months--Color0033 Shep-6-months--Color0051 Untitled-4 Shep-6-months--Color0077 Shep-6-months--B&W0081 Untitled-3 Shep-6-months--Color0069 Shep-6-months--B&W0074 Untitled-2 Shep-6-months--Color0087 Untitled-1 Shep-6-months--B&W0096


DSC_7929Photographing Jackie’s Senior Portraits was pretty much like doing a modeling session. She girl is a NATURAL in front of the camera and that combined with her amazing style and gorgeousness (is that a word?), this shoot was a dream for me. Really made me think I would like to photograph Seniors more often, so if you know any be sure to send them my way! I had a really hard time narrowing down these images which is why I am showing over 30! Jackie, you really were a joy to get to know and you have a bright future ahead. Good luck at Liberty and please stay in touch!

Enjoy this gorgeous girl. 🙂

Untitled-9 DSC_7638 Untitled-8 Untitled-7 DSC_7735-(1) DSC_7868 Untitled-6 Untitled-5 DSC_7962 DSC_7944 Untitled-4 DSC_8077 DSC_8094 DSC_8104 Untitled-3 DSC_8249 Untitled-1 DSC_8294 Untitled-2 DSC_8530 DSC_8626

I have loved watching the Fisher family grow in the past 2 years. I think I have photographed each of their milestones since their son Maddex was born. I recently got the opportunity to meet their newest little one, Stella and take some newborn portraits. We got some sweet shots with a special gift that Stella’s grandpa gives to little girls in the family, a Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll. I have so many great memories with these dolls as a child and it was fun to see them again. Stella’s big brother Maddex did amazing during the family shots and gave me his adorable smile anytime I asked. I really like shooting these in-home sessions, they are just so intimate and personal and this one was no exception. Enjoy this sweet family.

Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0001Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0002Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0003Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0004Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0005Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0006Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0007Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0008Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0009Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0010Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0011Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0012Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0013Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0014Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0015Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0016Charlotte Newborn Photographer - Stella0017

Untitled-2I can’t beleive it has been over 2 years since I shot Liam’s newborn portraits and now I get to share his baby sister, Cora! My repeat clients make me feel like life is going by so quickly, didn’t I just see these two for maternity portraits just a week or so ago…??? Katie and Michael are such a great parents and it is always a joy to be in their home. Liam was amazing with his baby sister, especially since he’s TWO and that gives him every excuse not to cooperate at all. What a big boy he was! And little Miss Cora… she was a angel. I don’t think I heard a peep out of her until the last ten minutes of our time together. What a sweet little beauty she is, I just love every image in this session. Enjoy.

Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0001 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0008 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0011 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0009 Untitled-4 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0017 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0027 Untitled-3 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0044 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0049 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0054 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0057 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0055 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0067 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--B&W0075 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0088 Cora's-Newborn-Portraits--Color0089 Untitled-1

DSC_6247I have been photographing Logan since he was inside his mama’s belly. I can’t beleive he is already 6 months old, and looking very dapper in his fedora might I add!  I love these shots of Marivi and Mat with their adorable little guy. I know it’s going to be a blink before we see him at a year old. Time, please stop going so quickly!!

Enjoy this sweet family.

DSC_6227 DSC_6267 DSC_6276 DSC_6315-(1) DSC_6368 DSC_6373 DSC_6417 DSC_6445 DSC_6463 DSC_6508 (1) DSC_6562

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