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I had hoped to get to this posted long before now, but I am now and mom of 3… and it’s no joke. THREE still sounds so crazy to me! ‘Baby Knox’ as his big brothers affectionately call him, came into our life on February 23rd at 11:41am after a long, LONG, 15hr labor. I am not going to go into his birth story now mainly because it was incredibly difficult for me and even reliving it through writing is not something I really want to do. For now. Hopefully I will have to energy to write about it in the next few weeks. Although his labor was my toughest yet, Knox has been a dream since… He regularly sleeps 4.5-5 hr stretches at night and is just a super chill baby. As long as he is not hungry or tired, he likes to sit back and watch the craziness that is his family. I love him so much already.

I’ll be honest. Having 3 has been a pretty tough transition for us. When Canaan came along and Oli was only 15 months, everyone told us how hard it would be at first. Yet, it was surprisingly easy… we got into a good routine with them and settled into life with two pretty quickly. So when I got pregnant with Knox, although we did not plan to have another baby that soon, I thought things would be the same way. Not. At. All.  Knox is a great baby but still has to be fed every 2.5-3hrs and there are only 2 of us, at times just 1… me. And 3 of them. I think my biggest struggle is consistently feeling like someone is being neglected and not being able to tend to all three at one time. I think it is probably more me than them though. Oli and Canaan have both fallen in love with their baby brother and love to give him kisses constantly. Although this has been a tough transition, we are slowly but surely getting there and I  love that these three boys are going to grow up so close in age. I pray daily that they’ll best friends for life.

Just a little about Knox’s name since it was a pretty unique experience this time… Both of my other boys have family names as their middle name and we had originally planned the same for Knox. But, a couple days before Knox’s due date some of our closest friends from our church, our Pastor’s family, unexpectedly lost their 13 year old son, Ezekiel. This was obviously devastating for them but also for our entire church family as we are a very close knit group. Matt and I had never gone through anything like this as a married couple, it was such a rough week and it still very hard at times. All the while I was hoping and waiting for a baby to come along. So on my due date Matt and I went to run some errands while his mom watched the boys. At lunch we both shared with each other how God had put it on our hearts separately to change Knox’s middle name to Ezekiel. At that time, we agreed to continue to pray about it and make the final decision when he was born. Soon after this conversation, Steve (Ezekiel’s dad) posted about some things he had found on Ezekiel’s iPod. I read the post with tears streaming down my face in awe of how a 13 year old boy could write such profound things. God had clearly captured his heart. I knew from that moment that I not only wanted to name Knox after Ezekiel to honor Zeke’s memory, but I also wanted to teach all 3 of my boys about the young man Ezekiel was for years to come in hopes that they too would have some of the same Godly qualities. What a role model Ezekiel is for them. Here is a small excerpt from what Steve shared,

“And then he wrote his goals in life. There were only six…but they were all so profound. 1. Be a great dad one day 2. Be the man my dad thinks I am. 3. Be a man that doesn’t think about himself but others first 4. Believe that if I trust in The Lord I will be in paradise 5. Be inspirational to other people 6. Remember that everything I have is because of the Lord. He entitled this document “Things I will do if I have a good life.”

If you would like to read the entire post it can be found here.

So if you’ve made it this far, here are a few more pics I shot in the hospital of our precious new guy, Knox Ezekiel Tucker.

DSC_9034 DSC_9037-(1) Untitled-2 DSC_9054-(1) Untitled-1 DSC_9087

Here is Knox at a week old.DSC_9126-(1) DSC_9134

And of course no post is complete without a couple shots of my big boys. Love them so much. Untitled-3

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