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Once I finished my last portrait session before maternity leave, I got pretty inspired to start tackling some personal work. First up, my niece Emerson at 6 months old! This girl is definitely the little princess in our family, which I don’t mind because because that means my little sister had to give up her princess title. 😉 Emmie is now sitting up, smiling all the time and drooling like crazy! We did an impromptu session at my house a couple of weeks ago and I love these images of our little Cabbage Patch doll. Now that I’ve started rolling, I have some pretty lofty goals on getting personal sessions edited, so look for more images of my family coming soon. Enjoy!

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One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to see a family grow and change. In Julie and Jeremy’s case, I got to meet them for their Baby Bump session when Julie was pregnant with Maddex who is now about to be two years old! I have periodically photographed them about every 6 months since and soon I will be able to share in the joy of their 2nd baby being born, a little girl! I have grown to love this family so much and could not be more excited for their new little one to come.

This is the last session I shot before going on maternity leave, with the exception of some family stuff. Coming soon will be to some sessions featuring my family and some personal updates as well! If you hear crickets on the blog for a few days or weeks, that might mean we are welcoming our new little boy into the world. Although I will try to post pics of him as soon as I can.

But for now enjoy the Fisher family. We got a 70 degree day with snow still on the ground from the previous days. Can’t ask for much more than that!

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The Leader family are some of my all time favorites. We have been going to church with them for quite a few years now. Michelle, their middle daughter is our go-to baby sitter once we have exhausted family options and my boys just love her. Each and every person in this family is so fun to be around in their own way, so you can imagine how fun it is to be around everyone at the same time… a blast! Their youngest Ty, enlisted to be a Marine and had been gone for training for a couple months where he finished at the top of his class (go Ty!). He was only home for a little over a week and I know how important it was to work this session in. I’m so happy we made it happen. Ty is now off to California for more training and I know he will do great. We are all so thankful for what you are doing, Ty and we will continue to pray for you.

I don’t think it could come across any more clearly how much this family loves each other. Especially the siblings which is such an encouragement for me as a mom with 2 (soon to be 3) boys! The Leader’s put God first in all that they do and their family second. I know they will reap the fruit of this for years to come. They are such an example to us and we love them! Ok, I could go on forever but I will just let these images speak for themselves…. Enjoy!

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I got to photograph the Morrison family way back when, soon after I officially started this business. Sweet Harper here was only a few months old and it was such a pleasure to get to know them then. Fast forward a few years and Harper is now going to be a big sister. Dylan and Ashley are expecting their 2nd baby girl coming in just a couple months and I’m so glad they got in touch with me for another session to capture their life as a family of 3 and some baby bump pics as well. We met on one of the coldest days of this year but they were troopers (esp Harper!) and I love all the sweet shots that came out of this session.

Enjoy this adorable family!

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