Little Miss Stella Bea has been long awaited by so many who love her. She gets her name from her grandmother, a great example and influence is so many lives including mine. ‘Bea’ comes from Memama Stella’s best friend. I bet these 2 wonderful ladies never thought their names would be put together to name a precious new one. The locket in these images belonged to Memama Stella and I just love the classic element it adds. This baby girl is the perfect addition to the Weddington family and her big brothers are already so in love as you will see. I’m so happy I get to be apart of your life Miss Stella Bea, I can’t wait to see what a wonderful woman you will become!

Stella-Newborn-B&W0018 Stella-Newborn0009 Stella-Newborn0023 Stella-Newborn-B&W0034 Stella-Newborn-B&W0041 Stella-Newborn0051 Stella-Newborn-B&W0050 Stella-Newborn0052 Stella-Newborn-B&W0054 Stella-Newborn0056 Stella-Newborn-B&W0062 Stella-Newborn0067 Stella-Newborn-B&W0073 Untitled-1 Stella-Newborn0078 Stella-Newborn-B&W0085 Stella-Newborn0087 Stella-Newborn0090


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