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Gale is an old friend from high school and I was so excited when she contacted me to schedule a 3 month session for her new baby girl, Scarlett. This little girl was one of the easiest babies to photograph. She was so content the entire time and even gave us some sweet smiles from time to time. Gail and Rob are so blessed to have such a sweet thing join their family. Enjoy!

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Susan and Curt are one of my favorites couples ever. Susan is a friend from college and the first time I met Curt was when him and Susan got re-dressed in their wedding clothes for a portrait session, when my business was just getting off the ground. Since then, these 2 have stayed in touch and stayed loyal to me for their photography needs. Such a wonderful way to keep up with their growing family! Susan and Curt are expecting their first little one come December and I can’t wait to meet him or her (they are finding out gender)! It is so clear how much these 2 love each other and Susan is just glowing in these images. Their dog Ruby even made a debut in these first few photos. Enjoy.


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DSC_9435I LOOVVVEE Alyssa and David’s engagement session. These two were a breeze to get to know and that made photographing them incredibly easy. It is so clear how in love with one another they are, and the combination of that love and the gorgeous light we were blessed with gives these images such a romantic feel. This is definitely one of my favorites engagement sessions to date! Enjoy this beautiful couple.

Untitled-3 DSC_9421 DSC_9480 DSC_9630 DSC_9634 DSC_9639 DSC_9694 Untitled-1 DSC_9716 DSC_9735 DSC_9758 DSC_9813 DSC_9845 DSC_9873 DSC_9888 DSC_9960 DSC_0036 DSC_0021 DSC_0061 Untitled-2 DSC_0032


Newborn sessions are some of my very favorite things to shoot. I never really know what to expect when I go to a home and into the baby’s nursery. This makes every session different and I love that. Sweet baby Luke’s dad is a fireman for the CMFD so naturally his room was geared around this as well as our session. It was so fun using some of Ray’s real firefighter gear and it was amazing to see how small Luke was in comparison to the heavy items that we used. Lindsey and Ray are doing such a great job with this little guy and I love these images of their sweet family. Enjoy. 🙂

DSC_8107_1 DSC_8138_1 Untitled-5 DSC_8176_1 DSC_8185_1 Untitled-4 DSC_8217_1 Untitled-3 DSC_8240_1 DSC_8291_1 Untitled-2 DSC_8331_1 Untitled-1 DSC_8440_1 DSC_8446_1 DSC_8454_1


Sarah and Josh are just great. Sarah has such an infectious smile, and you can see how much Josh cares for her just by the look in his eyes. I can imagine that they are both going to be completely smitten when their first baby, a sweet little girl, arrives in the next couple months. I had such a great time with these two and I love all the warm light and love that is displayed in these images.

Enjoy this gorgeous session!

DSC_9108 Untitled-4 DSC_9121 Untitled-3 DSC_9173 DSC_9194 Untitled-2 DSC_9262 DSC_9284 DSC_9306 Untitled-1 DSC_9351 DSC_9336 DSC_9371 DSC_9362

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