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Natural childbirth is not for the faint of heart. I thought going through a natural childbirth of my own was hard (and it was), but it was not until I saw my 4-foot 11-inch, 100lb sister going through it that I really saw what enduring pain was. It is so hard to see someone you love be in so much pain with the knowledge that you can do nothing about it. Phew…. Amy’s labor was LOOONNGGG and trying. She would go through literal hours of contractions and only dilate 1cm. Amy labored until 9cm dilated then just stoped dilating and finally agreed to an epidural after being told it was that or cesarean was highly likely. We arrived at the hospital at 11pm on Sunday night and my sweet niece Emerson was born at 3:38pm on Monday afternoon. Not a wink of sleep was had by anyone since Sunday morning, so needless to say we were exhausted but so overjoyed that Emerson Marie Carter had finally arrived. 6lb 12oz, 19″, and so loved.

I am by no means a birth photographer but I did enjoy capturing some of the moments of this incredible experience. Amy has not yet seen these pics although I do have permission to post them! Thank you Amy & Brian for leting me be in on such an incredible experience, it is one I will not soon forget. Say tuned for Emerson’s sweet newborn pictures coming soon.

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I got the opportunity to meet Lindsey and Ray a few weeks ago and they are such a loving couple. I thought we would have plenty of time to get these images out before their baby boy decided to join us, but sweet baby Luke had other plans! He came into the world last week, quite a few weeks early but he is a healthy and happy little guy, praise the Lord. I know these two are ready to have their sweet little one home with them and I can’t wait to meet baby Luke at his newborn session coming up in a week or so. Enjoy these three!

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Marivi and Matt are an adorable couple expect their first little one in October. I loved running around uptown with them photographing Marivi’s sweet baby bump. Enjoy!

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Words cannot describe how special the Boyer family is to me. 5 years ago when I returned from living in the Middle East everything was pretty unsure for me. I soon found a job nannying in the Boyer home for their 2 baby boys (at the time 8 months and just turned 3), and stuck around there well into my marriage and the start of my photography business. Not only did Leah and Bryan give me a job, being apart of their family and taking care of Eagan and Cannon daily played a huge role in making my transition easier in coming back to the States. It was at this time that I decided if and when I had little ones of my own, I wanted boys, which was a huge change from always wanting to be a mom of girls. These two guys definitely prepared me to be mom to my sweet little dudes!

Eagan and Cannon have since grown tall (Eagan as tall as me now!) and I have been dying to get them in front of my camera. So glad it finally happened. Enjoy this adorable family!

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Enjoy Miranda and Micheal’s sweet ceremony and oh-so-fun reception! Check out Part I for their getting ready images and portraits as well as a list of their awesome vendors.

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Miranda and Michael’s wedding day was a beautiful one. They were married at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville and we thankfully were met with very nice weather! This was a huge success considering how much it has rained this wedding season. Enjoy this sweet wedding and stay tuned for Part II!

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Vendor Love:

Makeup- True Beauty Zone. Hair– Leighann Griffis. DJ- Page Productions. Videographer- Carlisle Videography. Cake- La Patisserie. Flowers- Luellen Masingo at McLaughlin Farmhouse Country Store. Dress- Jillian’s Bridal Loft. Jewlery- Treasures On The Lake. Bridesmaids- Davids Bridal. Menswear- John Franklin Ltd.




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