This year has been crazy for rain, right? I have seen so many Facebook statuses talking about all the rain we are getting and they have now gotten to the point of, ‘enough with the rain, already!’. I think we could all use a little dry weather streak, but I could  definitely argue that rainy seasons can be especially hard on a wedding photographer. I have shot 10 weddings this year, and it has rained at some point in the day at half of them! This can be super intimidating when trying to come up with a Plan B for portraits and creative images and it definitely takes a flexible bride and groom to play along.

So when I arrived at Carrigan Farms, I knew I was going to need my best rainy day Plan B because it was POURING.  Luckily ‘flexible’ is Katie’s middle name and Adam is the most laid back person ever. This turned out to be one of my favorite weddings because we were able to do some awesome creative shots with the rain and Katie and Adam are just so enjoyable to be around. As Katie said at the wedding, if rain on your wedding day means good luck for marriage, they are going to have a pretty easy go of it! Although, I don’t think they are going to need much luck, these two are clearly made for each other.

Enjoy Katie and Adam’s sweet wedding day.

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Venue & Catering- Carrigan Farms

Dress- Wtoo purchased at New York Bride and Groom

Suit- JCrew

Cake- La Patisserie

Flowers- Flower Decoration

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