Today marks 3 years since the day Matt and I said ‘I do’. Time has truly flown and yet in so many ways I feel like we have been together forever. This might be because we have actually known each other 11 years, or it could be because SO.MANY.THINGS have happened in the last 3 years. Like big, life changing things.  Looking back, it is hard to believe we have fit it all in.  In this small amount of time we have managed to-

Get married, Matt work in 2 different jobs, start this business, have our first child, have our 2nd child & live in 2 different homes.

I don’t think I would mind if the next three years were a little less eventful but no less joyful. The time I have been married to this man has been the best of my life. I pray every day that this time would go slow, when we are young, when our babies are small, because all I hear from those who have gone before us is that we will always look back on these days as the best of our life. I am sure that is true to a point, but as long as I am with my husband (partner, best friend, everything…), I really feel like I will be looking to the future with joy. Ultimately, my satisfaction is in the Lord and I am thankful that Matt would have it no other way, but I am truly thankful that God would see fit for Matt to walk beside me in these days on earth.

In addition to the many life events, we have also had SO MANY photo-shoots in the past few years. Each of them commemorated a significant event and I believe deeply in capturing as many moments as possible on camera. So I thought I would share one picture from each of our professional photos shoots since we got engaged. It was super fun digging up these pictures and I hope you enjoy.

To my love- I am so thankful for the Godly man that you are, how hard you work for our family and what an incredible dada you are to our boys. I pray that the next 30 years would be only half as fun as these first 3. We are truly blessed. I love you!


Engagement- Oct 2009 Photo by The Schultzes


Married- March 19th, 2010   Photo by The Schultzes


Pregnant with Oliver- June  2011   Photo by Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography

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Oliver’s birth- August 10th, 2011  Photo by Red White and Green Photography0180-Tuckers-652

Family Portraits, Oli 6 months- March 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography


Pregnant with Canaan- Oct. 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography

0233-TuckerNewborn-0017 copy

Canaan’s birth- Nov. 11th, 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography

HB7A0640Family Portraits, Oli 18 months Canaan 3 months   Photo by Rachel Red Photography

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