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 I love, love, love Grant and Mallory’s engagement session! The combination of his Marine uniform, her classic style, and the gorgeous architecture of Queens University is to die for!  The only thing better than the style of this beautiful couple is their unbelievably sweet personalities. Their excitement about getting married and their love for each other is undeniable.

Grant and Mallory- thanks for such a great time. Can’t wait for your wedding in just a few short weeks!

DSC_7966  DSC_8023 DSC_8053 DSC_8095 DSC_8104 DSC_8116 DSC_8132 DSC_8148 DSC_8184 DSC_8192

I love the below shot of Mallory, so pretty!DSC_8218 DSC_8236

Don’t miss the flag in the reflection of the doors. So perfect. DSC_8248 DSC_8324 DSC_8326 DSC_8356 DSC_8371 DSC_8378 DSC_8411

Today marks 3 years since the day Matt and I said ‘I do’. Time has truly flown and yet in so many ways I feel like we have been together forever. This might be because we have actually known each other 11 years, or it could be because SO.MANY.THINGS have happened in the last 3 years. Like big, life changing things.  Looking back, it is hard to believe we have fit it all in.  In this small amount of time we have managed to-

Get married, Matt work in 2 different jobs, start this business, have our first child, have our 2nd child & live in 2 different homes.

I don’t think I would mind if the next three years were a little less eventful but no less joyful. The time I have been married to this man has been the best of my life. I pray every day that this time would go slow, when we are young, when our babies are small, because all I hear from those who have gone before us is that we will always look back on these days as the best of our life. I am sure that is true to a point, but as long as I am with my husband (partner, best friend, everything…), I really feel like I will be looking to the future with joy. Ultimately, my satisfaction is in the Lord and I am thankful that Matt would have it no other way, but I am truly thankful that God would see fit for Matt to walk beside me in these days on earth.

In addition to the many life events, we have also had SO MANY photo-shoots in the past few years. Each of them commemorated a significant event and I believe deeply in capturing as many moments as possible on camera. So I thought I would share one picture from each of our professional photos shoots since we got engaged. It was super fun digging up these pictures and I hope you enjoy.

To my love- I am so thankful for the Godly man that you are, how hard you work for our family and what an incredible dada you are to our boys. I pray that the next 30 years would be only half as fun as these first 3. We are truly blessed. I love you!


Engagement- Oct 2009 Photo by The Schultzes


Married- March 19th, 2010   Photo by The Schultzes


Pregnant with Oliver- June  2011   Photo by Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography

rwgphoto_tucker_family_favorites (42 of 44) copy

Oliver’s birth- August 10th, 2011  Photo by Red White and Green Photography0180-Tuckers-652

Family Portraits, Oli 6 months- March 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography


Pregnant with Canaan- Oct. 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography

0233-TuckerNewborn-0017 copy

Canaan’s birth- Nov. 11th, 2012  Photo by Heather Fink Photography

HB7A0640Family Portraits, Oli 18 months Canaan 3 months   Photo by Rachel Red Photography



I can’t beleive it has been a year since I first met Julie, Jeremy and sweet baby Maddex (who was in Julie’s belly at the time). Since then, I got to meet Maddex face to face at his newborn session and spend even more time with him as his 6 month session. Maddex is now almost a year old and has developed into a smart, and completely adorable little guy. He was so happy throughout our session, which made my job so easy!

Enjoy this precious little one. 🙂

DSC_7719 DSC_7765Untitled-2 DSC_7767 DSC_7797 DSC_7832 DSC_7837 Untitled-1 DSC_7874 DSC_7885 DSC_7899 DSC_7953

Mar 10, 2013
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What a day! Whew…. I was at a very encouraging women’s conference this morning. Then headed out for an engagement session with a beautiful couple and PERFECT weather this afternoon. And on my way home… BAM. I get rear-ended. Almost enough to ruin what would have otherwise been an amazing day. Except it didn’t. Because I still had this announcement to look forward to…

I have been so excited about this contest, almost as if I was the one winning something. It must be because of the wonderful encouraging comments and shares. Seriously you guys are awesome, and I am so incredibly thankful for each kind word.

So without further adieu…..


The winner of 50% off a Full Session is Curt Hamilton!

The winner of 50% off a Mini Session is Erin McGinn!


I had so much fun with this contest that I plan to do more this year, so if you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! Thanks again to everyone who put the word out on my new site. I am truly blessed!

Mar 06, 2013
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About a month or so ago, Matt and I went on a special date night to discuss 1 thing. My business. I have been feeling for a while now that the time has come for me to take the next step and streamline some things in order to really focus on where I want to go. We spent time talking about risks, goals, and the steps I must take to achieve these goals. God’s grace has been with me every step on the way from the time that this business began, and it has been so exciting for me to see much of these goals come into fruition already. I will share more as things happen publicly but for now,  I am so excited to announce that one of my biggest goals, a website and brand upgrade, is complete and I am thrilled to show it off. Please click on the HOME tab and make your way around the new angela-tucker[dot]com and get to know our new home.

Because I am so happy about meeting this goal, I am doing my first ever giveaway! 1 person has a chance to win 50% off a Full session and 1 person has a chance to win 50% off a Mini-session, both redeemable anytime in 2013.

Here’s how it works- 1) Comment on this post and let me know what you think of the new site. 2) Share the new site on your Facebook page and let your friends know what you think. That’s it!

You can enter up to 5 times which means you would need to post 5 comments/shares. Contest ends 9pm Saturday night and I will announce the winner then. The winner will be chosen randomly  through random[dot]com.

And because every post needs a picture, here are my two guys just shy of 4 months and 19th months. It took everything I had to get this shot of Oliver as he is a busy little bee these days, and Canaan is by far the happiest baby I have ever met.


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