Jaime and Chris are such a special couple to Matt and I. They are apart of our church family, in our weekly small group and just all-around awesome. They are getting married Nov. 10th of this year which just happens to be my due date, so I am obviously not able be apart of photographing the wedding. But I am praying that our sweet little one arrives just early or late enough for us to at least attend. Either way I know that the day is going to be so special. It is clear in these images how much Chris loves Jaime and vice-versa and I am so excited to see them start their life together.

Congrats, you guys! We love you!

Beautiful bride and handsome groom… I love it!

Jaime you are just stunning!

I had such a hard time to get these two to do any kind of serious face… They always burst out laughing. It is so sweet to see how giddy they are together!

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