About a month ago, I got the pleasure of hosting a Storybook Themed Baby Shower for my best friend, Amy along with our other best friend, Heather. Since I am approaching the big 3-0 this year, I kinda feel like using the term ‘best friend’ should be retired, but there truly is no other way to describe these girls and how much they mean to me. Amy’s sweet girl, Lanier Elizabeth (Lanie Beth) is due to arrive anytime and we are so excited to meet her! Amy is just now approaching 36 weeks but because she has not had the most typical pregnancy (she went into labor at 27 weeks, it was stopped, and she has been on bed rest ever since) we are so thankful that Lanie Beth has held out this long and we are totally okay with her making her appearance anytime!

Because I was hosting the shower, greeting guests, and tending to my baby who was feeling just enough under the weather to want his mommy the entire time, the 6 images you see above were the only ones I was able to get at the shower. Luckily I had the chance to get outside with Chris and Amy and get some maternity shots of the 2 of them and I love how they turned out. Is Amy not so adorable pregnant?

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