I have been excited about posting Part II of Hilary and Thomas’ wedding all day, but with the craziness that Saturday’s hold in the Tucker house, I am just now getting around to it. Hilary had the most amazing DETAILS to go along with her ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, and I LOVE details. After the reception, we got the opportunity to head uptown with just Thomas and Hilary and do some night shots and I can’t wait to share those! They were originally going to be a part of this post but I couldn’t keep them narrowed down so there is going to be a Part III to this wedding. Stay tuned on Monday for Hilary and Thomas’ stunning Uptown night shoot!

Hilary and Thomas did not want to see each other before the ceremony but they did want to pray together. Just one of the many touching moments of the day.


I always love the perspective of the 2nd shooter! Thanks, Heather.

This next shot perfectly portrays Hilary’s unbelievably kind spirit.

In lieu of the guestbook, Hilary and Thomas had each guest highlight their favorite Bible verse and sign their name beside it. They will use this as their family Bible for years to come. Such a great idea!

A little DIY photo-booth!

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