A couple of months ago, Oli and i got together with my friend Heather and more importantly (for Oli) her daughter, my little guy’s main squeeze… Adelai. I have been waiting for the right time to share these photos and I think Valentines Day is perfect!

I know I have mentioned Adelai and Oliver’s special relationship before but in case you didn’t know, Oliver and Adelai were born on the same day- 8-10-11. Not only that but their mommies had the same due date of 8-4-11, are both photographers and go to the same church. So Oli and Adelai get to see A LOT of one another and we don’t think they mind it one bit. It has been so great seeing their little baby personalities come out… Oli is the laid-back pensive type, always observing his surroundings, but he does NOT mind letting you know how he feels at all times (with pterodactyl-like squeals). Adelai on the other hand is the soft spoken, toe pointing, always on the go busy little bee. If opposites really do attract, these 2 might actually fulfill their parent’s dreams and end up together.

I can’t get over how precious our two little monkeys look in their cloth diapers. Oliver is on the right and Adelai is on the left in the next image. Heather and I both shot these photos. Make sure to check her out at Heather Fink Photography.

a little behind the scenes action.

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