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A few weeks ago I got to meet sweet baby Liam and what a sweet one he was. I’m pretty sure I maybe heard him cry once throughout our entire session. This little guy was born at 6lbs-ish and was so lovable and tee-tiny. His parents, Katie and Michael are just over the moon in love with him, and this shows through so clearly in these images. He is so lucky to have them. Katie, Michael, and Liam- it was a PLEASURE getting to know you! Please keep in touch.

I loved Liam’s bird themed room.

These next 2 images are not my normal style of photography but I love the way they turned out!

Don’t you just love Katie and Michal’s stylish home?

One of my favorite daddy images. Such genuine love for his little guy.

A couple of months ago, Oli and i got together with my friend Heather and more importantly (for Oli) her daughter, my little guy’s main squeeze… Adelai. I have been waiting for the right time to share these photos and I think Valentines Day is perfect!

I know I have mentioned Adelai and Oliver’s special relationship before but in case you didn’t know, Oliver and Adelai were born on the same day- 8-10-11. Not only that but their mommies had the same due date of 8-4-11, are both photographers and go to the same church. So Oli and Adelai get to see A LOT of one another and we don’t think they mind it one bit. It has been so great seeing their little baby personalities come out… Oli is the laid-back pensive type, always observing his surroundings, but he does NOT mind letting you know how he feels at all times (with pterodactyl-like squeals). Adelai on the other hand is the soft spoken, toe pointing, always on the go busy little bee. If opposites really do attract, these 2 might actually fulfill their parent’s dreams and end up together.

I can’t get over how precious our two little monkeys look in their cloth diapers. Oliver is on the right and Adelai is on the left in the next image. Heather and I both shot these photos. Make sure to check her out at Heather Fink Photography.

a little behind the scenes action.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to photograph Julie and Jeremy, who are only two of the nicest people in the world. They are expecting their first, a baby boy, right around the corner in March. That’s right, Julie is pushing EIGHT months preggo in these images and you can barely see her bump. Pregnancy definitely looks great on this¬† girl.

I love they way their session turned out so check it out!

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