Amy and I have been best friends for about 10 years now…. We met in college and became roommates soon after and the rest is history. We have done so much together and this blog post would get really long if i started sharing stories, so I’ll just say that Amy is one of the most special people in my life and I am so happy she has found such an incredible man as Chris.

I shot their engagement session in their town of Wake Forest, NC. We got started at the deli where Chris worked when they met and Amy visited often (i wonder why;). Then, we found this amazing abandoned loading dock with lots of color and light that I could probably shoot at 20 more times! After that we stopped by the park where these 2 love birds got engaged. Enjoy!


What you don’t see here is the 20 times Chris & Amy had to move for people to walk out the door, but I’m so excited we got these shots!

Amy & Chris, I love you both so much and I can’t wait until your wedding!

  • Heather Hollander

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! Oh my friends, my friends! These pictures make me so happy! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE WEDDING!!!!!!! Yay!

    These pic are absolutely awesome! What a beautiful couple….what a great photographer!! Great work baby

  • Can see their love for each other in every picture. Photograpgher did a great job of capturing that love.

  • Cindy Lawrence

    I’m in with these pictures and in love with the subjects. Angela, super talented. ILY!

  • The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I loved them all.

  • Umm, you’ve got skillz gurl! I was literally just wondering about these two today… I was driving back from Deirmimas and past Nawal’s house (which she just totally remodeled…) and I thought of you and then for some reason I thought of Amy and wondered…well, looks like they gone and finally done it 😉 I agree w/ Becky – great job capturing that fiery passion 🙂

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