Jun 03, 2011
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Happy Friday:) yay for Friday! boo for this heat:( yay for husbands coming home! Ok, so that was a personal one. My husband has been out the country for the past week and my preggo emotional self did not enjoy it one bit. But he is home now and all is good again. Nothing like feeling like half yourself for a week to make you appricate your husband SO MUCH.

So in honor of high school graduations these past few and next few weeks, i am posting my first senior session on the blog! These two gorgeous ladies are known as “The Laur/y/i/n’s”. They are bff’s and both named Laurin or Lauryn:) They are both so kind and unique in their own way but get along so well. I just love bff’s.


Be on the lookout for an engagement sneak peek and some pics of the nursery!

  • I love t hese pictures, but i might be a little biased! 🙂 Thanks for doing such a great job catching this memorable moment in time in our lives!!

  • Everytime I see these pictures, I just smile. You did such a wonderful job! 🙂

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